This section of the site is dedicated to my work as an artist.

In addition to working in the performing arts world I also have
worked as a professional artist. I have worked in a number of
mediums and used a number of different styles. I've been
pleased since becoming an actor that at several times I have
been able to use my art skills for performing arts related work.

My main interest is as a portrait artist, and over the years I have
painted many portraits of people, including, men, women,
children, and animals. In recent years I've enjoyed doing
portraits of actors I've worked with on projects.

As well as naturalistic style work I have also done a lot of
cartoon and comic style work. I have produced several
animated shorts which I did in a traditional 2D animation style.
Three of them have received recognition, including two based
on the BBC series Red Dwarf (One was featured on the Red
Dwarf Series VII DVD)

Other acting industry related artwork I have done includes
being a Set Artist on plays including doing graffiti designs for
the play Mudlarks at Theatre 503 and the play Spoilt Rotten for
First Draft Theatre. I have also worked professionally as a
Storyboard Artist on the feature film Loaded Rubber for Zodiac

Perhaps my most successful artistic work comes as a font
designer. I have many font designs available to download from
many font websites on the internet and they have been
downloaded several million times.
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David is the Artistic Director of
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My portfolio of work includes
the following:

Portrait Artist
Graffiti Artist
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Above: Mine was a winning entry into Nintendo's Year Of Luigi Art Academy
Above: Press play to watch a time lapse video of me drawing actor Benedict
Cumberbatch in his role of Sherlock Holmes