David Pustansky: Director

In addition to my work as an actor and writer I have also worked as a director on
several projects. This includes stage and screen acting and also fight direction.

I am the founder of Sparky Buddy Productions and The ImProDigies Theatre

I have written and directed two shorts based on the BBC Television series Red
Dwarf. The first titled 'Planetoid of the Cats' was featured on the BBC DVD release
of Red Dwarf Series VII, as well as being screened at the annual Red Dwarf
Dimension Jump Convention, and being highlighted on the Official Red Dwarf
website. My Second short placed second in a BBC WorldWide Red Dwarf short film
competition, and it's judge Red Dwarf actor, comedian and writer Robert Llewellyn
said my piece had "A beautiful script" when announcing the winners.

In 2014 I was awarded support from the Aylesbury Vale Arts Council and Aylesbury
Town Council to develop a series of exciting projects. This includes the writing and
directing of six short films and a supporting documentary.

The first of this series of shorts was 'The Box' a follow up to a film I wrote in 2010.
Next was 'Sticks And Stones' which is a drama about domestic abuse and starred
Laura Huxley, Rob Langston, and Lucy Hoult. The third was 'Scratch' which I acted
in alongside Brendan Carr and Eliza Leonard. I also acted in the next two shorts I
directed which were 'Last Man Standing' where I starred opposite Tara Dowd and
'The Battle Of Aylesbury' which is a rotoscoped animated short set during the
English Civil War.

Other shorts I have directed include the live action/traditional animation mixed Fine
Tooning and the documentaries Ei8ht Films, and Faster Louder Funnier.

In 2010 I established The ImProDigies Theatre Company. Since its creation I have
directed shows at venues including The Roundhouse Studio Theatre, The Tristan
Bates Theatre, The Etcetera Theatre and The Hackney Children's Theatre. I have
also directed shows as part of Camden Fringe, TBT Sparks Festival and was the
headlining show for the 2010 Nursery Festival. In addition to traditional theatre
performances I have also directed shows for private events with The ImProDigies.
In 2013 I was commissioned to write and direct the leading act for The Aylesbury
Halloween Variety Show. For more information on my work with The ImProDigies
please see
the official website here.

I also directed the musical Spotlight At The Movies for Spotlight Musical Theatre
School which was performed at The New Theatre Oxford in 2014.

As a fight director I have designed fight sequences for Aylesbury Town Council's
Ghouls and Villains site specific theatre event in 2012 and for the play A Coupla
White Chicks Sitting Around Talking for Moving On Theatre Company.
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David is the Artistic Director of
Sparky Buddy Productions
The ImProDigies Theatre Company
Please visit the official ImProDigies page here.
In 2014 David was awatrded support from The
Aylesbury Vale Arts Council to develop a series of
exciting projects.