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After finishing the BTEC at College, David chose the path of continuing his training at
University. Although successfully completing the course with top marks, David felt from
his first day that he had made a mistake in not furthering his training at drama school.
Whilst at University David continued to pursue other projects which included placing
second in another short film competition run by BBC Worldwide. This was soon
followed up by David earning a place on the first ever BBC Talent Boost 2008
programme in conjunction with The Actors Centre in London. This led to David
appearing in the film 7 Dials directed by Rikki Beadle Blair in mid 2009.

Although working on numerous projects professionally, David still firmly believed that
in order to have the greatest chances of success in this profession, drama school
training would be essential. With this in mind David successfully auditioned and was
offered a place to train at Drama Studio London where he hoped to broaden his
knowledge and abilities in acting.
David recognises that the acting profession is one of the most competitive to enter
into, and anyone with common sense would think twice before venturing into such a
field, but David isn't the type of person who is going to let common sense stop him in
his pursuit for success. Having been raised from an early age in Buckinghamshire,
David had virtually zero involvement in the performing arts until the age of eighteen,
when he saw an advert in a local newspaper for an audition to be in a feature film.
Plucking up the courage to audition, when his last foray into acting was as a
shepherd in The Nativity aged six, David landed a role in the Judi Dench and Maggie
Smith led film Ladies in Lavender. The demands of the role were few-simply singing
as part of a crowd being the highlight, but this event would be the genesis of David's
path to becoming an actor.

With one film in the can and little knowledge of the acting profession, David decided
that the most logical route to becoming an actor was to learn how. This started at a
low level beginning with completing a GCSE in Drama, before progressing to a BTEC
National Diploma in Acting. During this time in education David also took part in his
first amateur dramatics performances, and produced several short films. His most
ambitious film to date Fine Tooning won a local award for Artistic Creativity, and a
short based on the sitcom Red Dwarf placed as Commendable Runner Up’ in a
BBC film competition and was featured on the Series 7 BBC DVD release of Red Dwarf.
A scene from the film 7 Dials
David with the cast of The
ImProDigies Theatre Company debut
show 'It's A Scandal!'
Whilst at Drama Studio London David went through intensive training and learned much from the talented DSL staff.
His highlights from the first year of training included playing Don Pedro in Much Ado About Nothing and performing a
ten minute adaptation of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which David wrote entirely in verse.

Also in 2010 David started his own theatre company 'The ImProDigies' who specialise in improvised comedy. Their
debut show 'It's A Scandal!' which was an improvised play based on headlines from the newspapers of the day was a
big success playing first at The Etcetera Theatre and then opening and closeing the 2010 Nursery Festival.

In addition to his training and other projects, David also began teaching at the Pauline Quirke Academy, bringing
some of his knwoledge, work style and personality to the young stars of tomorrow.

His second year at Drama Studio London saw David play such roles as Higgins in Pygmalion, Mr Pearce in Confusions
and Young Fashion in the Restoration comedy The Relapse. David also wrote two short films for students at the
drama school (the only student to have written two films) including 'Monster in the Box' directed by David Tucker in
which David also starred and 'Sisters' which starred Eleanor King and Antonia Turner.
David acting in the short film 'Monster
in the Box'. Directed by David Tucker.
Since graduating Drama Studio London David has worked on a number of projects spanning several different
mediums and genres. David took The ImProdigies to the Roundhouse Studio Theatre as part of the 2011 Camden
Fringe with Hardcore Imprography. Performed as Tailback Charlie, a soldier in the feature Different Perspectives
for ScreenRay Productions. David played the dramatic role of Levin in a stage version of Anna Karenina before
taking up the polar opposite in the form of Stella, an Ugly sister in Cinderella to finish up 2011.

More ImProDigies shows included Not Another Scandal and a two man show with Christopher Walsh. 2012
continued the comedy trend with Sketchageddon Live at the Canal Cafe. He then followed with a double whammy
of death based shows, first playing the lead in the short 'The Murder Party' and then becoming an original cast
member for The Impro Murder Theatre Company. Following the double murder came a double reading
performing in rehearsed readings for 1215 Productions and First Draft Theatre. More Comedy then came from
performing in The Bite Sized Comedy Club (Of which David also was a main writer) at the Bridewell Theatre, Quiz
Night at the Britannia for The Deck Theatre Company and Blimey! Whatever Next? at The Hackney Children's
Theatre. David also began presenting, hosting on programs including Morning Break and Ravensbourne 2012.
David with Simon Pegg having
worked on The Sunday Night Project
David co presenting Morning Break
with Kate Stirling.
Towards the end of 2012 David appeared in the site specific Ghouls And Villains, a historical play in
Buckinghamshire and as the comedic lead Idle Jack in the pantomime Dick Whittington. As well as
acting in that panto David was also commissioned to write an original pantomime for RAaW London and
wrote 'The Prince And The Porter'.

2013 saw David involved in the greatest variety of projects yet and within a short amount of time was
working not only as an actor, but also in many other areas in the entertainment profession. Continuing
on his work as a presenter the previous year David presented the online shows The Weekenders, and
Mix Tape, and also covered many entertainment industry events for WhatCulture.com interviewing
many well known stars. These included The Rock, Amy Acker, Jonathan Pryce, and David Haye.

My writing credits increased further by writing the comedy web series 'Guess Star' and several short
one off sketches and presenter scripts. As well as writing dialogue for performance I also started
writing regular articles for several online sites and the magazine Off The Hook Magazine and WiiU Daily.

David launched the 'Sparky Buddy Productions' production company. This company was an extension
and evolution of The ImProDigies Theatre Company as David's work has increasingly seen him create
more works that are film rather than theatre based and scripted over the pure improvisation that The
ImProDigies had originally been.

Other projects David worked on in 2013 included a commercial for Ubisoft's video game Rocksmith
2014 and The Halloween Variety Show which was a sketch show David wrote and directed.

Continuing the trend of recent years 2014 once again became David's busiest year and saw David
expand into more and larger roles. David scored the lead role in Demon Gates Film's 'The Aylesbury
Dead' an adaptation of a comic book series written and directed by William Axetell. David also received
support from The Aylesbury Vale Arts Council and Aylesbury Town Council to lead 'The Lights Camera
Aylesbury' project which would see the  support and the development of the performing arts and
filmmaking scene in the area.

David also wrote and directed the musical 'Spotlight At The Movies' for Spotlight Musical Theatre
School which was performed at The New Theatre Oxford. With Sparky Buddy Productions wrote and
directed six short films in 2014. These included 'The Box' which was a follow up to the short film
'There's A Monster In The Box' which David had written in 2010. Other shorts included Sticks And
Stones, as well as Scratch, Last Man Standing and The Battle Of Aylesbury. The latter three of which
David also acted in.

David also played the lead in The Deck Theatre Company's performance of Caroline Rehder's new
writing 'Armageddon'.