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Q1. How do I install the fonts?

Answer: Full instructions are in a text document included with each font.

Q2. What's a dingbat?

Answer: A dingbat is a type (no pun intended) of font that features pictures in
place of letters, numbers etc.

Q3. Can I use your fonts commercially, and if so does it cost?

Answer: That depends on the font. The majority of my fonts are based on tv
shows/etc that I don't hold the copyright over, so you wouldn't be able to use
them commercially without permission from the franchise's copyright holder
(and from me; the font designer). There are some fonts which I've created
which can be used commercially, but to do so you need to buy a single user
licence from me. For details on how to do this contact me at Please include information on which font/s you
are interested in.

Q4. It seems unfair that you've spent hours of your time making most
of these fonts and can't recieve any money for them.

Answer: True, but life is unfair. Plus that wasn't a question.

Q5. Isn't there some way I could show my appreciation to your
hardwork by donating some money to help with web costs, domain
names etc?

Answer: If anyone out there would like to send me some money I certainly
won't say no, and you can contact me at to do so.
Alternativly you could just purchase the licence to some of my original design
fonts and that way you get something too!

Q6. What's all this about 'suggestion a font' then?

Answer: What it says. If you would like to see a dingbat font made based on a
tv show/theme etc that isn't currently on the site you can suggest that I make
one by emailing me at the address given above. Please note however that I
can't guarantee when/if I will create and post the font on the site as I usually
have several as works in progress at any one time. That said email your
suggestions regardless as I will consider them all.

Q7. Could I commission you to create a dingbat font based on pictures
of my friends/family/pets/your personal artwork and if so how much
would it cost?

Answer: Yes I could create a personalised font for you, but it and it's price  
would depend on several factors (number of pictures/quality/timeframe for
completion/etc). If you are interested in commissioning me to create a font for
you can contact me at for details.  

Q8. Why does your site sometimes not load fully or not let me
download some fonts?

Answer: Due to bandwidth issues I'm afraid. Just try again later or you will be
able to find the majority of my fonts by going to or Whilst at either or those sites please post a comment
about my fonts.

Q9. Why are some of your fonts better quality then others?

Answer: This is due to when I made them. Some of my older fonts are of
poorer quality the more recent ones because I have become better at
creating them. In time I will create new versions or second fonts based on the
same themes as some of the older of my fonts.

Q10. Um..oh I did have another question, but I've forgotton it.

Answer: Don't worry if you have any questions not covered in this FAQ, just
email it to me at the address given above.
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