The ImProDigies Theatre Company
Daring. Risqué. Ridiculous     
                                                                                                         Artistic Director: David Riley Pustansky

                                                                       The ImProDigies are a theatre company which began as a
company                                                                            which produced just improvised comedy shows, although
have since                                                                           branched out into scripted comedy shows and plays.
Who knows                                     one day we may even do something serious...

                                                                       Created by David Pustansky, the shows feature a mix of
experienced                                                                         and new performers who all bring a range of
entertaining skills to the                                             ridiculous mayhem we create every time we perform.

                                                                       Since our debut show The ImProDigies has created opportunities
for                                                                     over 20 actors, directors, technicians and photographers to be      
                                                                      involved. It is company policy to create a platform for creative minds
                                                                      to showcase their talents and entertain. The ImProDigies features a
                                                       healthy pool of performers, so check back often to find out
               which actors are playing in each show.

Originally concieved as a way for a group of drama students not to be bored during their lunch breaks, The
ImProDigies came into their own in 2010 with their debut show 'It's A Scandal!' at the Etcetera Theatre in
Camden. The show which was an improvised play with songs was all based on headlines from the
newspapers of the day. The show was later the headlining act of the 2010 Nursery Festival, and opened and
closed the festival. Here's the It's A Scandal! blurb:

It's A Scandal! Set in the office of the fictional 'Daily Trumpet' newspaper, the show sees a group of reporters
struggling to come up with a headline for the next day's edition...So using a combination of audience
suggestions and actual headlines from the day's real newspapers the cast create topical and controversial
stories every show!

The ImProDigies followed It's A Scandal with 'Hardcore Imprography' which played at The Roundhouse
Studio Theatre as part of the 2011 Camden Fringe. Based on the fears and fantasies of audience members
the show was another controversial delight for the company.

Shortly following Hardcore Imprography left the bright lights of London for the yellow bricks of Huddersfield
for the two man improvised show 'Wadda Mistaka to Makah!!' Starring David Pustansky and Christopher
Walsh the show was another hit with audiences.

Going back to their roots our next show was a return to the Daily Trumpet Newspaper with Not Another
Scandal which played at the Tristan Bates Theatre as part of their TBT Sparks season. Developing our
debut show and presenting a short form format we covered even more of the days headlines for even more
insane comedy.

The next new show was a story telling show for children titled 'Blimey! Whatever Next?' at The Hackney
Children's Theatre. Featuring Professor Preposterous, a world famous story teller with a famously bad
memory. The Professor tells some his world famous stories, but can only do so with the help of his friends
and of course all the boys and girls in the audience!

In 2013 The ImProDigies performed their first ever scripted show 'The Halloween Variety Show' as a
special commission for The Aylesbury Town Council in Buckinghamshire. Despite our work on this show
being scripted we still had a healthy dose of adlibbing along with our flexing our ability to learn lines too.
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