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The original It's A Scandal! cast: Top row left to
right: Rob Langston, Naomi Petersen, Hester Kent,
Andrew Hanratty, Kenneth Wright and Peter Steele.
Bottom row left to right: Fred Szkoda, Christopher
Walsh, David Riley Pustansky and Adam Seigel.
The original Hardcore Imprography cast: Top row
left to right: Hester Kent, Kenneth Wright, Nicholas
Gauci and Matthew Cosgrove.
Middle row: Julia Korning, Christopher Walsh,
David Riley Pustansky and Victoria Tyrrell
Bottom row: Louise Berryman and Laura Huxley.
The cast from Not Another Scandal: Back row
left to right: Matthew Cosgrove, Rob Langston,
Kenneth Wright and Christopher Walsh
Front row left to right: Andrew Hanratty, Yvette
Shiel, Louise Berryman, David Pustansky, Robert
Sladden, Adam Seigel.
David Pustansky                 Dominique Green           Christopher Walsh            Jonathan Stanley             Naomi Petersen           Alexandra Watson

Lee Tolmaer: Sound and Lights on
Hardcore Imprography
Jodie Fenwick: Photography on It's a
Scandal and Hardcore Imprography
Jane Martin: Photographer and
camera operator on It's a Scandal,
Hardcore Imprography and Not
Another Scandal.
The cast from Blimey! Whatever Next?: From left
to right going counter clockwise: Louise
Berryman, David Pustansky, Alexandra Watson
and Joanna Greaves.
Hester Kent                       Matthew Cosgrove          Victoria Tyrrell                   Louise Berryman              Robert Sladden               Joanna Greaves
Vicky Poole                         Julia Korning                     Laura Huxley                      Rob Langston                    Yvette Shiel                       Kenneth Wright
Frederick Szkoda              Peter Steele                        Alexa Hedly                         Andrew Hanratty              Matthew Forsythe
Adam Seigel                       Nicholas Gauci