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The ImProDigies debut show

It's A Scandal! was a long form
improvised show which was based on
a combination of audience suggestions
and actual headlines of the newspapers
of the day of the show.
Featuring songs and scenes with many
new and favourite theatre sports rules
It's A Scandal! was a crazy debut at
The Etcetera Thetare which also
headlined the 2010 Nursery Festival.
The ImProDigies Theatre Company

The ImProDigies two man show!

Featuring David Pustansky and Christopher
Walsh Whadda Mistaka to Makah!! was two
man improv at its most ludicrous. Short form
games, longer scenes and comic songs aplenty
as two men stand on stage and attempt to
make up something funny which isn't
The ImProDigies get naughty!

In Hardcore Imprography the improvisers
acted out the fantasies of audience members
live on stage! We find audience members who
have always lusted after celebrities and tell the
story of their secret romance! We also take
suggestions of hidden ambitions and fears
which we cram into a show which is certain to
be the subject of many a therapy session for
years to come!!!
The ImProDigies return to their roots

The follow up to It's A Scandal was...Not
Another Scandal and yes there was lots more
topical and satirical sketches, scenes and
songs for our return to The Daily Trumpet
Newspaper. A short form impov version of
the original show Not Another Scandal played
at the Tristan Bates Theatre as part of it's TBT
Sparks season.
The ImProDigies re-live to their childhood

The ImProDigies first dedicated Children's
theatre experience. Debuting at The Hackney
Children's Theatre the show begins with world
famous story teller Professor Preposterous
who also has a world famous bad memory!
This means in order to tell one of his
adventures he'll need the help of all the boys
and girls in the audience.
Here you will find information on the shows The ImProDigies have produced.

If you would like to hire the company to perform at your venue, corporate event or private
function please contact the Artistic Director David Pustansky for details at
Here are some of the venues and festivals where The ImProDigies have performed
The ImProDigies go scripted!

The ImProDigies first scripted show was the
sketch comedy Halloween Variety Show. A
special commission for Aylesbury Town
Council which performed in the historical
Market Square in Aylesbury in
Buckinghamshire for a special audience which
included the Mayor and members of the