David Pustansky: Writer

I am an experienced playwright, screen writer, poet and journalist.

As a playwright I have written several full length plays including the
dramas The Vale Of
Secrets, and Mystery Of The Market Town Murder, the
pantomimes The Prince and his
and two PantoWeen halloween themed pantomines, and the educational plays This
is Your Lifestyle for Prepare to Think Productions and Pirates of the Curriculum for Steps
and Slides.

I have also written comedy sketches and material for The Bite Sized Comedy Club produced
by Black Sun Theatre and The Halloween Variety Sketch Show for The ImProDigies Theatre
Company and Aylesbury Town Council.

As a screen writer I have written many films. These include two animated shorts films based
on the BBC TV series Red Dwarf which have received recognition from the BBC in short film
competitions. Firstly my short 'Planetoid Of The Cats' was featured on the Series 7 Red
Dwarf DVD release as a Commendable Runner Up, and the second film which placed 2nd in
BBC WorldWide's Review Competition for which Red Dwarf actor Robert Llewellyn who was
the judge of the competition described my film as having 'a beautiful script'.

film I have written include the feature Lessons The Musical, and the shorts Monster in
the Box (Directed by David Tucker), and Sisters (produced by Drama Studio London). In
2014 I wrote six short films The Box (A follow up to Monster In The Box, Scratch, Sticks And
Stones, Last Man Standing, The Battle Of Aylesbury and A Little Bird Told Me.

I am an experienced freelance journalist. I have written regular articles, including news,
reviews and opinion pieces for WhatCulture.com, WiiU Daily, City-Connect.org and
TVBomb.co.uk. For WhatCulture I was the first regular video content producer, having
written, directed and presented several video reviews, interviews and press coverage at red
carpet and press conference events. I am also a writer for Off The Hook Magazine having
contributed articles for their published magazines and their weekly website updates.
I have covered a range of pop culture topics including modern and retro movies, celebrities,
video games, Pro wrestling and television programmes.
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David is the Artistic Director of
The ImProDigies Theatre Company
Please visit the official ImProDigies page here.
Left: I wrote several sketches
for the Bite Sized Comedy Club
sketch show
Above Right: RAaW London's
The Prince and his Porter
which I wrote in 2012.
Below right: The Halloween
Variety Show

Lessons The Musical (Feature)
onster In The Box (Short)
Last Man Standing (Short)
The Brooding (Short)
The Ransom Call (Short)
isters (Short)
The Battle Of Aylesbury (Short)
Scratch (Short)
Sticks And Stones (Short)
The Box (Short)
Guess Star (Web Series)
The Weekenders (As Script Doctor)
Vale Of Secrets (Play)
PantoWeen (Pantomine)
Mystery OF The MArket Town Murder (Play)

Spotlight At The Movies
The Prince And His Porter (Pantomime)
The Bite Sized Comedy Club (Sketch Show)
This Is Your Lifestyle (Theatre In Education)
Pirates Of The Curriculum (Theatre In Education)
Happy As A Pig In Sticks (Performance Poetry Piece)
The Nativity (Performance Poetry Piece)

Off The Hook Magazine
(Article Writer, Blog
contributer, Interviewer)
WhatCulture (Article Writer, Celebrity Interviewer)
City-Connect (TV Critic)
TVBomb (Article Writer)